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Ken Norton, One Of The Greats of Boxing’s Golden Age Passes At 70

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Dennis Andries…The Journeyman Who Became a Three-Time World Champion

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Juan Francisco Estrada Aiming To Steal the Show Again In Macao

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Saturday Night Fights!!!!

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What’s Wrong With Boxing, And Can It Be Put Right?

Young Guns Shoot It Out At London’s Camden Centre

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. And All-Time Greatness

Silkov's Top Ten Most Exciting Fighters of All-Time!

The Sound and the Fury...Tyson Fury Comes To America

Can Sugar Shane Regain His Sweetness?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. And All-Time Greatness

Nathan Cleverly Looking To Conquer Krasniqi On Rule Britannia Bill

Gennady Golovkin Aims For Another X-Rated Performance To Prove His Worth

Ji Hoon Kim And Mauricio Herrera Set For Explosive Clash On Thursday Night Fights Special

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Redemption or Oblivion For A-Force Harrison 

Return of the Haymaker

The Golden Age of Bernard Hopkins

Can Bernard Hopkins Continue to Beat Father Time On Saturday?

Chasing Shadows

Mark Prince Coming Back to Make a Difference

Stories of boxers making a comeback to the ring after years in retirement and long past their primes, are as old as the sport of boxing. They often are melancholy tales of faded glory and lost youth that seemingly never end happily. At first glance, Mark Prince’s comeback last Friday (October 4 2013) at London’s famous York Hall, in Bethnal Green, is no different to so many other boxers of the past. Prince was a world-rated light heavyweight in the late 1990’s and his only career defeat came in a WBO world light-heavyweight title fight with the formidable Dariusz Michalczewski. That fight took place on September 19, 1998, after which, Prince fought once more fourteen months later, beating Kevin Mitchell in the first round, before hanging up his gloves due to a severe knee injury. Friday’s comeback fight would be the first time that Prince had stepped competitively into a boxing ring in almost fourteen years.  This and his age of forty-four, did not look like boding well for Prince in his comeback.  Fourteen years is a lifetime in a boxer’s career, and few boxers get a chance to live their athletic lives again. 
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James Helder of IFilmProductions interviews Mark Prince about his inspiration to begin a legacy in the name of his son Kiyan.

The Kiyan Prince Foundation mission, as stated by the foundation:


Our mission is to inspire young people to turn their back on the problem and become part of the solution. We aim to:

 - - Raise awareness so young people can understand the true and devastating effects their knife culture is having on their future and the communities

- To give alternatives/opportunities to young people caught up in gang and knife culture

 - Create and provide more positive opportunities for young people by connecting with a vast range of organisations
- Educate, Train, Empower and raise Awareness with young people in all areas applying to knife and gang crime
- Run boxing and fitness programmes creating outlets for aggression build discipline and positive use of time
- To provide Motivational and Inspirational talks on surviving the tragic effects of knife crime
- To create a KPF Youth committee to have a voice about what solutions are needed. Helping to empower them in their communities.
- Running Fundraising events to raise money for long term goals and programmes
- To deliver courses, training and workshops to schools and other establishments for young people; educating them about the dangers
- Take them on residentials away from their environment to experience activities that encourage team building self knowledge social skills.


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Wladimir Klitschko Aiming To Punish Povetkin


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and the Fixers & Schemers of Boxing



Ken Norton, One Of The Greats of Boxing’s Golden Age Passes At 70


Floyd Mayweather Proves That He Is Still The One


Former World Heavyweight Champion Tommy Morrison Dies At Age Forty-Four



A Look Back at the Fighters and Fights of Yesterday

Dennis Andries…The Journeyman Who Became a Three-Time World Champion

By Peter Silkov

Boxing is one of the toughest of all physical sports, one where the participants need to be endowed with a range of physical attributes and talents. It is often overlooked how important mental strength is within boxing and how mental and spiritual determination can overcome physical shortcomings. The history of boxing is littered with the broken dreams of men who had the physical talents, but not the crucial mental and spiritual strength, to succeed in the hardest of sports. Often in boxing, it is the strongest of mind, rather than simply the strongest of body, which ultimately triumphs.                                
Dennis Andries was one such fighter, whose mental strength was the foundation of his tremendous success, in an extraordinary career, which saw him rise from a domestic journeyman who struggled to get fights, to a three-time world light-heavyweight champion. Despite the success and overcoming of more than his fair share of setbacks and rough times, during his career, Andries was to find that he would never gain the kind of recognition and affection with the fans, that some other fighters, who achieved far less…managed to gain. 

Andries was born in Guyana, on 5th November 1953, and had a tough childhood, when his parents relocated to Britain and then split up; he later described himself as being a ‘wild kid.’ Like many wild kids, before and after him, Andries found himself drawn into boxing, but at a later age than most, Andries was already 25 years old when he turned professional, in 1978, after a rudimentary amateur career.   Read More                                                                                                                                                                                              (photo from

He told us he was the greatest! Forty nine years ago today Muhammad Ali defeated Sonny Liston for the world heavyweight championship and almost over night changed the whole fabric of the boxing game. Read More...


 The St. Valentine's Day Massacre  The St Valentine's Day Massacre Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jake Lamotta.Read More...


Silkov's Top Ten Most Exciting Fighters of All-Time!

Boxing fans love a list. There is just something about boxing and lists that go together. Whether it is a list of top contenders, Champions, or fights we’d like to see, or even fights we don’t want to see. We’ve all either written or read a boxing list. Read More...




What’s Wrong With Boxing,

And Can It Be Put Right?





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